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Meet Our Team


Mark Morris


Originally from Wynne, Mark’s homebuilding journey began after receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Civil  Engineering from Arkansas State University in 2003. The following year, after starting a career at a local engineering firm, Mark soon realized homebuilding was his dream. Ever since, Mark has grown his business to not only building homes, but by developing subdivisions as well. He strives to build affordable, quality homes that his clients can make their forever home.

Randy Blancett

Business Partner & Project Supervisor

A Lake City native, Randy's experience includes over 30 years of electrical installation and heating & cooling installation and repair, holding a Class A HVAC-R license as well as being a licensed Master Electrician.  In addition to this, Randy has experience in home building, having overseen the construction of over 70 homes in the Lake City / Monette area.  For over a decade, Randy has been one of Mark's business partners and is involved in each and every home, overseeing the quality of construction and ensuring that your home is built exactly the way you wanted.

Braden Gatling

Project Manager

Braden Gatling has been an integral part of Mark Morris Homes for several years. With over a decade of experience in the home building industry under his belt, this Jonesboro native delivers proficiency to each jobsite he runs. Along with overseeing each jobsite spread across town, Braden also oversees the scheduling of subcontractors and performs quality checks. From the pouring of the slab to final finishing touches, Braden will be working behind the scenes to make sure your new home is up to our “Mark Morris” quality standards.

Gabriel Morris

Plan Designer

Every home is not the same.  Perhaps you'd like a mud room to sling off your thermals after a day of duck hunting.  Maybe a built-in book shelf complete with rolling ladder for your expansive book collection.  Or you just might want to slightly modify your kitchen.  Gabe will help ensure your dream is realized by customizing your house plan to your every want and desire.  Using state-of-the-art Revit, he is able to quickly implement your request and even generate a realistic CGI rendering of the plans, bringing them to life in new ways.

Noah Roberson

Design Specialist

There are so many choices when building a home and we want to make sure you have exactly what you want.  What kind of tile in the bathroom floor?  Do you have your heart set on white brick exterior?  Maybe you want dark stained cherry wood planks for your stair case.  Have you seen a backsplash in someone else's kitchen and want to see that in your new home, too?  Noah will help make sure that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to customizing your home.  With an expansive set of selection tools at his disposal, your home will be exactly as you envisioned.

Joshua Hurd

Project Engineer

Before any homes can be built, undeveloped, vacant land must be designed into a subdivision.  Born and raised in Bono, Josh has nearly two decades of experience designing subdivisions.  Like Mark, Josh received his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Arkansas State University and applies this knowledge to meticulously and dutifully design the streets, water & sewer systems, and stormwater drainage systems that ensure heavy rains never pose a risk to your beautiful home. 

Amber Siers

Office Manager / Human Resources

No business is complete without an overseer that ensures day-to-day operations go smoothly and that all projects stay on track.  Amber handles the finances, contracts, and human resources needs of our team.  She has extensive management experience in other large corporations such as IBM where she was the "Gal Friday" for several members of their executive team.  Her experience and guidance is invaluable and because of it, we are stronger as a unit.

Amanda Torres

Account Specialist

With so many homes being built, there's no shortage of purchase orders and invoices from the dozens and dozens of suppliers and contractors we work with.  Amanda ensures that all of this is handled in an expeditious manner so there's no delays in getting the needed supplies to the job site.  Holding an Associate's Degree in Business Management, Amanda's skills are not limited to receiving and paying invoices, but also assists in preparing contracts, and coordinating with the office manager to ensure every day-to-day operation goes smoothly.
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